Statement of Purpose

Approximately one year ago, my father died on the podium. He was an extremely talented conductor and musician, and I had spent many years playing under him in a community orchestra here in Denver, discussing music history with him and even taking conducting lessons from him. Until that moment came, I was still under the impression that software was truly my passion. Now I have come to realize that it was music all along. I was simply too afraid to recognize it because it isn’t exactly easy to make it a vocation.

It is for this reason that I have completely re-designed this blog, ripped out almost all of the old posts and have re-written this statement of purpose. No longer will I be writing about software specifically. Instead, this will be a place where I can showcase and express my thoughts about new compositions and recordings/mockups. My portfolio has also been re-designed, now containing performances and examples of my writing. This is still a work in progress of course. I will also write reviews, largely of video game, tv and movie soundtracks but also of any works or albums that I’m in love with at the time.

In the last statement of purpose, I gave an estimate of bi-weekly updates. I feel the more appropriate promise is to update when I have something to say.

Even if this remains an avocation, I feel that this is a new beginning for me…a new chapter in my life that is full of possibility and beautiful music. I am only sorry that my father can’t be here to see me realize that passion and continue to grow.

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