Shujinkou Kickstarter is Live!

Until November 5th, our Kickstarter campaign to bring the story of Shu, Jin and Kou’s struggle to restore the Japanese language to Genya and beyond to PC, Mac, PS4, Switch and Xbox One is in high gear!

We have already raised about twelve thousand dollars so far, but we still need all the help we can get to reach our goal! If you are into Metriodvania-like JRPGs, want a fun tool to learn Japanese or simply want to support up-and-coming developers, composers and artists, head on over to our crowdfunding page! There are some really fun rewards, such as having one of our artists capture your likeness as an NPC!

So what is Shujinkou exactly? Just an edutainment thing? Not at all! Yes, we are seriously trying to teach the player Japanese, but we are also working very hard on the story, worldbuilding, characters, art, music and gameplay (which will largely be metriodvania style platforming) in order to make sure it is a fun experience even for those who couldn’t care less about learning the language. There are also plenty of minigames for the player to explore if they are serious about the language-learning.

I have two other composers working for me, and all of us have written some pretty sweet music so far.

Sanrin I (gameplay music)

We have been getting some pretty positive feedback from natively-speaking Japanese gamers and non-native speakers alike.

“I could tell, from playing this game, that this a game that is seriously trying to teach the player Japanese.” Dengeki Online (まさん, Tokyo Game Show 2019) 

“There have been plenty of games that aim to teach players new languages, but they’re almost always edutainment-style experiences. Shujinkou is taking the action-RPG route, which is definitely brave of the development team to try.” GoNintendo 

“It looks really interesting! I love the concept and maybe it will help me with my Japanese studies” GameReactor (Andreas Juul, Tokyo Game Show 2019) 

“From his self-introduction, we can see that Julian’s experience proves that he definitely isn’t someone that who is just ‘playing around” YYSTV (栓子, April 2019) 

We’ve been fortunate enough to be covered by a lot of great news sites. Links below!

We’re aiming for a 2021 release should we meet our goal on November 5th. Help us do so!

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