The Joys of Showing Up

Why is it always a good idea to show up to a rehearsal, even if it’s on Mother’s Day? Because sometimes you get to play someone else’s part for a day. And that part could be as amazing as, say, this Timpani part:

Oh yeeeaaaaahhh!

Epic Mahler Timpani

Yes, you read that right. You hit with both mallets on every damn note. How impossibly epic is that?

I have always felt privileged to have been allowed to play in the Colorado Mahlerfest since 2012. The caliber of players that come together for this wonderful event is slightly intimidating. As such, it becomes a thrilling challenge to play up to them.

But this was truly incredible. I’ve been waiting as a percussionist to play this part for some time, even if it was just for rehearsal. I got my wish today, and it was grand. Few things get my heart beating quicker than an epic Timpani moment. I’m surprised my face wasn’t permanently contorted from the stupid grin I had on my face.

It’s the little things like this that make my week.

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