If anyone at all has been following this blog, you’ll notice that I have not been very good at posting recently. This is because I have been in the middle of writing my first piece for full orchestra (as well as trying to scrounge for players to play it)! I have a deadline, too…as the first rehearsal is only in a few days! And on the off chance that you both follow my blog and don’t know me personally (I find the odds remote), here are the details of the performance:


I became a member of the Wither Without Orchestra last year, a group under the direction of the talented composer Eduardo Almendras. He’s already scored a few films and wanted to assemble a group in Denver to play his compositions, as well as those of other composers here in Denver. Lo and behold, he offered me 12 minutes in the lineup! If you happen to live in Denver, come and hear my first serious orchestral piece “Moments of Transition,” as well as a couple of his own fantastic compositions. You can purchase tickets here:


Hope to see you there!

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