I am sure it is apparent by now that I am wanting to make music my professional life rather than simply a hobby. To that end, I applied to numerous schools in the hopes of starting this fall. To my delight, my first choice school has admitted me! I am one of only 20 individuals who will take part in the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program beginning fall 2014. This is a one-year, highly intense graduate program in which you score films. IN HOLYWOOD.

Why was this my first choice? Because it is the best program in the world for media scoring. It has such distinguished alumni as Bear McCreary and Austin Wintory – two of my still-living heroes in the scoring business – as well as  James Horner, James Newton Howard…

There’s one of my heroes right there!

The faculty has such names as Scott Smalley and Frank Ticheli. I will be working with the same musicians that score major motion pictures…in other words, some of the best musicians in the country. I will be recording my pieces potentially in the John Williams Scoring Stage, the Eastwood Scoring Stage…I might even have the opportunity to meet some of my childhood heroes. There is really no containing my excitement!

So! My posts are about to get a lot more interesting. In the meantime, I’ll be spending a lot of time brushing up on undergraduate music material and practicing, but I will also be taking the opportunity to write music. So don’t write me off for the summer. 🙂

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