The Beginning

2015 was a fantastic year, and a busy one to boot (hence the delay in my blog posts). I found a job in the music industry right out of graduate studies, which is really quite fortunate.

What was also fortunate was that I had the privilege of collaborating with fantastic directors such as Robert McDermott. This is a director that recognizes not only how powerful a score can be in a film, but also that resources can and should be devoted to music. Instead of flatly telling me there was no budget and that I would have to do it all on the computer (which very rarely sounds as good as having live players), he instead told me that he wanted whatever was best for the picture, and that we would figure out the finances later. This is precisely the kind of relationship you want with a director, and I was thrilled to hear this from my friend.


The script went through several interesting revisions. The version he ended up with was one that I was pretty excited about, simply because it gave me the most room to do some big musical things. We ended up hiring fifteen live players, which is a blockbuster score for a USC student film. The soloists were absolutely fantastic, and I couldn’t have asked for better performances. You can find the final cue below.

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