The Trouble with Temp Music

I stumbled upon a fantastic little video the other day, and my friends and I have been discussing it at length. Before we move forward, take a look:

Now, I basically agree with the narrator on all points except for one: thereĀ is one memorable Marvel theme. Alan Silvestri’s theme for Captain America:

This is a character theme at it’s best: memorable, triumphant, larger than life. It shows up frequently, even in some of the movies the video criticizes, such as The Avengers, when Captain America saves the Jew:

I particularly love the soulful violin that harkens to Schindler’s List. I’ve always argued that Silvestri does a great job at going for the emotion when he doesn’t have much room to work with (because of sound effects, pacing, whatever). What do you think? What is your favorite Marvel score?

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