Boettcher Conducting Debut!

This past Monday, I had the great honor and privilege of leading the Civic Youth Orchestra in a 15-minute concert at the big daddy of all performance venues in Denver: Boettcher Concert Hall! The very same place I watched the Colorado Symphony, a professional orchestra, Record the Banner Saga 2 and play countless seasonal concerts!

I can’t even begin to describe how much of a thrill it was, especially to see the excitement in the students’ eyes. Many of them have been playing for maybe a couple of years, and yet here they are, finding themselves on the same stage that professional musicians make a living on! And they all rose to the occasion and pushed past their stage fright. Witnessing┬átheir growth over the course of only a few months has been especially rewarding. A couple of the soloists (brief, 4-bar solos in the arrangements) couldn’t even play the line when we started. They ended up knocking it out of the park in every way!

Here’s a short clip from the concert: Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5. Listen to what a full sound we got out of just a handful of kids and one or two sit-ins from the Arapahoe Philharmonic!

I find myself feeling increasingly lucky for all of these opportunities that have presented themselves to me. There are some exciting composition projects on the horizon as well…hopefully I’ll be able to write about those soon. In the meantime, keep striving for that dream! You might find yourself at a goalpost sooner than you expected.

I certainly did.

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