Star Trek 50th Anniversary Suite

Jerry Goldsmith

Duration: 5:30 OR 22:00

Instrumentation: 3[1.2.3/pic] 3[1.2.Eh] 3[1.2.Bcl] 3[1.2.Cbn] – 4 3 3 1 – Timp + 4-5 – Harp – Piano/Celeste/Synth – Strings

I spent six months researching and transcribing by ear. I even took a trip to the Margaret Herrick Library in Los Angeles to study Jerry’s hand-written sketches for some of these cues just to make sure I got everything right. The results were spectacular, as you can hear, brought to life by the Arapahoe Philharmonic.

The longer version includes Leaving Drydock, Klingon Attack, Ilia’s Theme and Spock Walk from The Motion Picture, as well as the Theme from First Contact and the famous March.

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